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LABKAM Laboratory Video-Based RUVIS Capture System, фото 2

LABKAM Laboratory Video-Based RUVIS Capture System

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LABKAM Laboratory Video-Based RUVIS Capture System

Utilize the power of RUVIS technology in the laboratory with ease. The LABKAM integrates the same technology of the Krimesite Imager into a digital video system that allows the user to search evidence and capture latent print images of superior quality.


  • The integrated video system features a digital video feed in a true grayscale, and allows images to be captured in a variety of formats, including uncompressed files RAW, TIFF, BMP and JPG.  
  • The capture software also includes a note field for each image that can be saved as a text file, enabling case notes to be added for each save. 
    • The software is user friendly, allowing the operator to begin looking for latent prints minutes after set-up. 
    • In addition, the software is completely portable, so it can be loaded on other PCs and allows anyone to be a viewer of the captured images.
  • Two 3 Watt narrow band UV bulbs mounted on flexible arms, so the user can get all of the correct orientations without having to hold anything. 
  • A tightly controllable but easy to use column mechanism that can be changed in seconds with one hand, and allows for easily switching from flat objects to 3D objects. 

Overall, the LABKAM delivers the power of RUVIS in a perfect user friendly laboratory package, creating another tool for collecting the most evidence possible.

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